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42 hrs 19 minsAugust 17, 2021

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Learn about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

We are in the beginning of a financial and electronic privacy revolution. Blockchain technology and the resulting crypto tokens or "cryptocurrency" is the innovation that has sparked the change. Two words can sum up the magnitude of the innovation: Distributed Trust. We no longer need a third party to create a secure and trusted transaction between two parties.

Banks, Brokers, money transfer agents, all third party entities that we think we need to have to make the global economy go, we no longer need. That means less expenses for everyone, but the hidden gem of this revolution is freedom. Without the need for a broker or banker, we are no longer subject to their control. Without the need for government to provide us with a medium of exchange, we are no longer under the thumb of government. When the government no longer controls the value of money, it removes many sources of corruption. We can finally be governed, by the people, for the people.

A trusted form of money is only one use case for cryptocurrency. Forked One aims to help you understand and thrive in this new world in three distinct areas:

  1. Investment
    1. There are many ways to profit from the cryptocurrency revolution. Since the value of any cryptocurrency is largely driven by supply and demand, and because of the fact that we are very much at the beginning of the disruptive innovation adoption curve, there is a mountain of demand in the near future that will drive the value of crypto skyward. The second best way to profit, after simply buying and holding, is to participate in the decentralized finance economy. Without the need for banks or brokers, any holder of crypto can earn more crypto by allowing various defi smart contracts to use your crypto.
  2. Software Development
    1. Blockchain is the new frontier for software developers. A developer that can write the code that makes a smart contract on a blockchain can be the engine that propels blockchain innovation. Blockchain software development will be a high-growth, high-value career for decades to come.
  3. Configuration and Administration
    1. The blockchain/ crypto technology is finding more and more "real-world" use cases. The more you learn about the administration and configuration of blockchain technology, the more IT jobs will be available to you.

There is no stopping the innovations that have sprung from Bitcoin, the first overwhelming success of blockchain technology. Imagine a life without the Internet. Now imagine an attempt to shut down the Internet. Cryptocurrencies will go away when humans no longer yearn to be free.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. When we cede control of our money to a government, we cede control of our freedom. Government was intended to serve the people. The power to control individual freedom, security, and stability belongs with each human being. The only way for a government to truly serve is to remove its ability to control money.

The Wild Wild West

In the US, the western part of the country represented great risk and great reward when it was first settled. It represented a wealth of opportunity with land to farm, gold to mine, and abundant resources. There was a real possibility of building generational wealth. This risk/reward is similar to cryptocurrency today. The difference then, and the difference now between success and failure lies in hard work and preparation. Physical skills made the difference then, mental skills make the difference now.

You Can Stand Out

Many people know about cryptocurrencies. Few understand the innovations and technologies that make them possible. Few know the reasons why. Few understand the driving forces that push the entire segment. Rarely in human history is there an opportunity to distinguish yourself in such a dramatic way simply by working hard to gain knowledge.

Your Brain is the Key to Your Future

Over the next 20 years, the entire financial infrastructure of the world will transition to a blockchain-based decentralized system. How many Blockbuster stores still rent video cassettes? DVD wiped out the video cassette and then DVDs were wiped out by streaming video.

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